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Gary Anderson started in radio at ten years old when his dad came home with a CB radio! Gary was not content just talking local! By the age of 12, he got into Amateur Radio!  After his military time, he  went to Radio Show Broadcasting Show school.  His mentors were DJ's Charlie Brown and John Maynard. They were at KJR/Seattle. Without them, he would not have gotten where he is at today.  After he graduated, he got his first on-air job with KVAC  Radio as Prime Time DJ in Forks, WA. After six months, he went to KOHI Radio in Mount St. Helens, WA as DJ and Sales! From there, he went to KTAC,  KVI  and a few more stations throughout the years! Then In 2017, his friend Art Bell called and said: "Gary, you are too old and need to stop riding your motorcycle before you kill yourself and get back into radio! Internet Radio is the way to go!" After a few long talks with Art and his guidance, Gary started Night Dreams Talk Radio! He tries to run his show like the 90's when talk shows were King! His show has grown worldwide and has a huge fan base! 

You can listen to our show live Monday through Friday 6-10 p.m. (PST) 9 pm till 1 am Eastern

Gary would like to thank Art Bell, his friend and mentor that no one could ever replace!.. And, of course, all the listeners that make our show happen!

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson Host Of Night Dreams talk Radio

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